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This website aims to compile all active or planned volunteer projects that want to support Thomas Campbell’s My Big TOE in any way.

  • MBT Anthology
    Complementary to the original MBT book trilogy, this newly edited anthology will present all key MBT content in a systematically structured way that should make it easily accessible and valuable for beginners and experts alike. It will draw from a range of resources published by Tom in recent years, including video lectures, Fireside Chats, Forum Q&A, and responses given by Tom to questions posted in the YouTube comments section.
    This is a multi-year project, so please bear with us!
If you have a project you are working on, which you want to be part of the list, or are interested in helping on one of the projects already listed here that does not display any specific contact data, please send an email to
  • Elastic MBT Video Search
    A tool to search the transcripts of nearly all of Tom’s YouTube videos for any keywords that links you right to the respective moments. It’s as awesome as it sounds!
    Prepare to get all your questions answered immediately by Tom on YouTube:
  • Facebook Groups
    There are many groups and pages on Facebook revolving around My Big TOE.
    Check out the details page to find out which ones you might have missed but probably want to be connected to nonetheless.
  • MBT Country Sites
    The aim of this project is to create MBT introduction sites in various languages (preferable based on countries) and hopefully inspire people to further explore Tom’s reality model.
    An excellent template design including appealing texts is already available and ready to use. It just needs somebody wanting to translate it into their local language.
  • MBT Merchandise Store
    Great news for those who would love to wear a brand-new MBT themed t-shirt, hoodie or baseball cap.
    The MBT merchandise store (powered by Spreadshirt) is open for business. There are several designs to choose from with more designs to follow over the next months. And all proceeds go directly to CUSAC.
  • MBT Questions & Answers
    Got any questions about MBT? Want to ask Tom a question?
    This is a website dedicated to sorting out the abundance of knowledge surrounding Tom Campbell’s MBT via the handy format of questions and answers.
  • MBT Translators Support
    Translations of the My Big TOE Trilogy are in progress for (Brazilian) Portuguese, French, German and probably more languages. This project aims to support all the translators by offering an exchange about difficult to interpret parts of the book or answers provided by Tom to specific paragraphs to ideally avoid asking him redundant questions. We’ve also produced a package containing the book cover and the figures used in the books in a good resolution and an editable form.
  • Mobile App
    The aim of this project is to create an app for Android as well as iOS that offers an extensive feature set to its users. Like for example a list of all of Tom’s videos, the option to listen to MBT podcasts or read the books, a complete link list and more always at your fingertip on your mobile phone.
  • The Universe Is Virtual (Cartoon Book)
    The content of My Big TOE turned into a graphic novel.
    Available as a Cartoon or even as a Video/Audio book. The easiest approach for those discouraged by long passages of text without any pictures. 😉
    A bilingual (English and German) website with tons of interesting links to all kinds of MBT related resources. Updated frequently, it provides among many other things a collection of short introduction videos to MBT theory and links to all Fireside Chats including diligently prepared time stamps to every topic covered by Tom in a video.
  • Video Time Stamp Tool
    A tool for volunteers to tag sections of videos that relate to certain topics. This is a huge project depending on the completion of the tagging tool and tons of manual indexing work, so please bear with us. Currently this project is in a phase where it needs developers, not tagging volunteers.

More projects to be added as soon as we are aware of them…