MBT Translators Support

Figure 5_2 Future Probability Surface isolated

Translations of the My Big TOE Trilogy are in progress for (Brazilian) Portuguese, French, German and probably more languages. This project aims to support all the translators by offering an exchange about the parts in the book which are a bit more difficult to interpret or share the answers provided by Tom personally to specific paragraphs to ideally avoid asking him redundant questions.

In addition we’ve produced a package (zip-container) containing the book cover and all the figures (graphics) used in the trilogy (see the icons to the right as a literally small example).

Abbildung 2_1 bis 2_3 editierbar extrahiert aus 5th print edition Word doc cut 800x541

They’re available in two revisions (the first print and kindle edition had different graphics compared to the 4th print edition). And of course we tried to make sure to obtain the best resolution possible for our own translation (which was a bit of a challenge) and convert them into an easily editable form (without compromsing the image quality of course) to be able to replace the English texts with the respective translated wording. So whatever revision you prefer to put in your MBT translation, just know that the necessary files are already waiting for you.

Figure 5_1 Reality Systems The Big Picture - editable extracted from PDF 5th print edition color cut 800x562

There is also a place in the official MBT Wiki that has been created a few years ago by the late Ted Vollers to support anybody planning to translate the trilogy. It contains some helpful information, but unfortunately hasn’t been completed. Despite being only a mere beginning of what Ted had in mind, it is still an interesting read and can be found here:


Should you be interested in the graphics package or want to connect with other translators, please do not hesitate to contact Olaf at admin@mbtprojects.com

We’re also happy to hear from you, if you are currently working on a language not listed above. Even if you don’t need anything right now and don’t want to connect with anybody, it will definitely be helpful to know about another translation being in progress.