MBT Translators Support

Figure 5_2 Future Probability Surface isolated

Translations of the My Big TOE Trilogy are completed or still in progress for various languages. This project aims to support all the translators by offering an exchange about the parts in the book which are a bit more difficult to interpret or share the answers provided by Tom personally to specific paragraphs to ideally avoid asking him redundant questions.

In addition we’ve produced a package (zip-container) containing the book cover and all the figures (graphics) used in the trilogy (see the icons to the right as a literally small example) in an editable form.

(If translating the books might be a bit too large a task (which is fully understandable considering the size of the trilogy), but you want to join a team of people translating Tom’s videos on YouTube or want to support the launch of the new official mutil-language my-big-toe.com website by translating parts of it into your native language, then please do contact us (you can find the contact details below) as well.)

Abbildung 2_1 bis 2_3 editierbar extrahiert aus 5th print edition Word doc cut 800x541

These graphics are available in two revisions (the first print and kindle edition had different graphics compared to the 4th print and latest Kindle edition). And of course we tried to make sure to obtain the best resolution possible for our own translation (which was a bit of a challenge) and convert them into an easily editable form (without compromsing the image quality of course) to be able to replace the English texts with the respective translated wording. So whatever revision you prefer to put in your MBT translation, just know that the necessary files are already waiting for you and you don’t have to redraw them from scratch.

Figure 5_1 Reality Systems The Big Picture - editable extracted from PDF 5th print edition color cut 800x562

Currently we are aware of (finished and ongoing) translations of the books into the following languages:

  • Portuguese – a translation of all three books has been performed by a collaboration between Mario JP Santos, Celso Junior (both from Brazil) and Miguel Queiroz (from Portugal). Take a look at their website if you want to find out more.
  • German – a translation of the first book is available since 2019 while book #2 and #3 are in their final stages. The translation has been performed by Tim Martens, Mitsuko Kühn and Olaf Arlt (all from Germany). Take a look at their website & blog if you want to find out more.
  • French – a translation of the first and second book is available at amazon.fr and other French book retailers. The translation of book #3 is still in progress. You can find out more here.
  • Hungarian – all three books have been translated by Suzanne Sera (from Hungary), so the hardest part is done. There are still some final steps necessary until the books will be available for purchase. The corresponding website is in transition, so right now we can not provide a link. But it won’t take long until you will be able to read MBT in Hungarian.
  • Spanish – the translation into Spanish is getting rekindled by Ricardo Luis Gutiérrez (from Argentina), Andrés Giménez Sánchez (from Spain) and others.
  • Romanian – a team is in the building phase. If you think you can contribute to their effort, please get in contact.
If you should know about other languages being already in progress or seriously consider translating My Big TOE into your native tongue yourself, please do not hesitate to contact Olaf at admin@mbtprojects.com. Please know that you don’t have to be a formally educated and licensed translator. A good understanding of English and a talent to phrase elegant sentences in your native language is sufficient.
We translators do have our own channel on the MBT volunteer collaboration board (which is using the platform Slack) called #translation-of-books-and-more channel. Access to the board on Slack can be obtained either by contacting me or signing up as a volunteer (no obligations attached) at MBTVolunteers@gmail.com
Also a document containing some translation guidelines is available to help you with your first steps and provide some information and experience from other translation teams. The aim is to save you time by not having to reinvent the wheel regarding fundamental questions like the pagination and enumeration of the three books, the minimum content of the books, how to deal with certain MBT lingo and acronyms in your translation and what options are generally available to publish the translated books without having to invest any money for example into printing upfront.

There is also a place in the official MBT Wiki that has been created a few years ago by the late Ted Vollers to support anybody planning to translate the trilogy. It contains some helpful information, but unfortunately hasn’t been completed. Despite being only a mere beginning of what Ted had in mind, it is still an interesting read and can be found here:


Should you be interested in the graphics package or want to connect with other translators, please do not hesitate to contact Olaf at admin@mbtprojects.com

We’re also happy to hear from you, if you are currently working on a language not listed above. Even if you don’t need anything right now and don’t want to connect with anybody, it will definitely be helpful to know about another translations being in progress.