Elastic MBT Video Search


A tool to search the transcripts of nearly all of Tom’s YouTube videos for any keywords, which then links you right to the respective moment in a video where Tom talks about the topic. https://elastic.mbt-database.com/

Shaun O’Neil has accomplished the amazing feat to pull all the automatically or manually created transcripts of the currently over 700 videos on Tom’s YouTube channel, to index them on his servers and to combine the result with the power of the Elasticsearch engine.

This enables you to search for any keyword, you can think of, and get the exact moments, where Tom is talking about this keyword in his videos in return.

So instead of searching the forums or Facebook groups or sending Tom a question, which he has most likely already answered multiple times before, just enter the term into the Video Search tool and watch Tom talk about that topic on YouTube right away.

If his first video answer should not have satisfied your curiosity, most likely there will be 2, 20 or 50 other occasions, where he talked about the topic in different lengths and detail. So just click on the next result in the list the search engine has prepared for you.

If you happen to be a developer and should have an idea of how to make this fantastic tool even better, you can contact Shaun O’Neil directly at shaun@dma.nl

Otherwise don’t wait any longer. Give the engine a testdrive at https://elastic.mbt-database.com/