Facebook Groups and Pages

MBT Global Family2

There are many groups and pages on Facebook revolving around My Big TOE. Some of them started by local enthusiasts to provide a gathering place for the people in their country. Others to represent an organization or follow a specific purpose like for example to provide healing. And some to simply discuss the many questions arising after having finished the trilogy.

The following have been selected either for being of general interest to most people independent of their location or for having a very distinct goal and profile.

This Facebook group started by Donna and Keith of MBT Events aims to connect My Big TOE readers from across the globe and shares regular updates from Tom as well as many interesting links and stories from other participants.
MBT World
Started in 2012, MBT World is one of the oldest groups on Facebook related to My Big TOE. It is administrated by Bob and Patrick and a source of exceptional information and high quality links to interesting topics revolving around MBT.
This Facebook group has the most members and is run bei Cole as well as Donna and facilitates many lively and interesting discussions among its participants.
The Low Entropy Community Facebook group is part of Vanessa’s project under the same name and is a place to share Educational resources and Empowering insights to help us evolve the quality of our consciousness.
This page was created by Donna to be a place for your stories and requests for an outpouring of healing and love! An outpouring is often more effective than the healing intention of just one person, so this group facilitates exactly that.

This list does not claim to be exhaustive. To the contrary, it is probably better to have the people interested in My Big TOE to be joined together in a few select groups on Facebook than to have them spread thin across many similar groups. But it just represents a subjective selection, so if you know about a group or page that is pursueing a very distinct goal and missing in this list, then please notify us at admin@mbtprojects.com