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Great news for those who would love to wear a brand-new MBT themed t-shirt, hoodie or baseball cap.
The MBT Merchandise store (powered by Spreadshirt) is open for business. There are already several designs to choose from with more designs to follow.

The advantage of using a company such as Spreadshirt is that the store is able to offer a selection of more than 102 different articles in more than 30 different colors in all sizes right out of the box. There are t-shirts, premium t-shirts, sweat shirts, tank tops, hoodies as well as kids & babies clothing and, of course, baseball caps and coffee mugs. You can even purchase an MBT themed dog bandana, backpack or sofa cushion if you so desire.

Please note: 100% of all profits (after operating costs are met) resulting from sales in this store store will be 100% donated to CUSAC, Tom’s non-profit organization, to help finance the physics experiments.

So now, with just one purchase, you can wear high quality clothing, spread the love Tom Campbell so eloquently explains in his trilogy “My Big TOE” and help get the experiments done all at the same time.

If you have a particular design or quote you would like to see featured on the products available in this shop, please let us know, and we’ll do our part to help manifest it in the physical. 😉

If you happen to be a designer and also want to be a contributor, to see your design become available for everybody interested in MBT, please do make contact with any of us. Spreadshirt requires a PNG, SVG, PSD or AI graphics file in an isolated (transparent) form sized max. 4000×4000 pixels. Ideally (but not required) working on different background colors. You will be mentioned with your name and URL here and in the store for your contribution, if you like.

So in this spirit thanks to Jens Walter for providing these very straightforward designs

And also thanks to Justin Snodgrass for contributing the following very inventive designs

And of course thanks to Carly Bouwman of Vivo Fine Art & Design for giving us these very elaborate designs


There is also a GoogleDoc available containing a long list of Tom Quotes, should you wish to get some inspiration for the creation of a new design.

But enough with the theory, start browsing through the shop at https://shop.spreadshirt.com/my-big-toe