This website is available in English and German and offers a lot of well-sorted information pertaining My Big TOE.

Updated regularly by the industrious Oliver Weis, it especially shines in the section “Videos” providing an overview and links to all of Tom’s important videos on YouTube.

One example is the section “Videos sorted by subjects”:

Like the name “” suggests, this site is totally focussed on Tom Campbell’s work.
But Oliver also maintains a site called, which has a much broader scope and is covering a lot of spiritual and scientific topics outside of MBT.

Oliver is also the invisible hand behind the regular Fireside Chats with Tom, which are hosted on his BBB conferencing server usually once a month. He not only lists them all in the respective section, but also thoroughly time stamps them, allowing you to immediately jump right into the separate topics.

Should you want to get in contact with Oliver, you can reach him directly at

But the best thing to do is of course taking a look at the site directly: