MBT Country Sites

Do you know people, who are asking themselves fundamental questions like:

  • What’s the nature of the reality?
  • What are we doing here!
  • Who are we?
Well, we have some good news for you. Now you can provide your friends with a place to find good answers in an appealing and well-arranged form. Just point them to https://www.tittinordieng.com/ and get yourself some help explaining the many details of My Big TOE.

However, this site has another purpose as well, here we go …

Project aim
The aim of this project is to create MBT introduction sites in various languages (preferable based on countries) and hopefully inspire people to further explore Tom’s reality model.

If you haven’t already done so, just take a look at this site to get an idea of what an introduction site could look like. Note that this is a personal ambassador site, which with some customization could be easily converted to serve as an introduction site for your country.

Other suggested content could be:
  • a contact list of local people to connect with
  • a digital community of some kind
  • information on local activities
  • a list with links to locally translated or subtitled MBT videos
  • other resources

A customized Word template in English is available to use for the translation. The personal content on the demo site above is of course omitted from that package.

Web administration
Preferable these sites will be published on country domains, and administrated by volunteers in each country. It would be beneficial if the country domains are aligned and created on the same template.
Like for instance: mybigtoe.xy /my-big-toe.xy, provided of course that the URL is still available in your country. This is something that the participants of the project will decide together.

The web design is made in WordPress with Divi and a copy of the page can be provided.  The pictures are purchased from Shutterstock and can be reused for free according to current agreements.

There is not much knowlegde required. You only need to be able to register a domain in your country and to copy the template content provided to you into a WordPress installation connected with that domain. Then all it needs is to translate the text into your local language.

If you should happen to be a web designer and/or would like to do the translation – and want to join the project as the person responsible for your country site, you can contact Titti Nordieng at titti@ninetyfive.se