Project list

  • Content Repository

    All MBT content backed up in one place.

    Please talk to if you want to participate in the project.

  • Elastic MBT Video Search

    A tool to search the transcripts of nearly all of Tom’s YouTube videos for any keywords that links you right to the respective moments.

    Shaun O’Neil has accomplished the feat to pull all the automatically or manually created transcripts of the currently over 700 videos on Tom’s YouTube channel, to index them on his servers and to combine the result with the power of the elastic search engine.

    This enables you to search for any keyword, you can think of, and get the exact moments, where Tom is talking about that keyword in his videos in return.
    So instead of searching the forums or Facebook groups or sending Tom a question, which he has most likely already answered multiple times before, just enter the term into the Video Search tool and watch Tom talk about that topic on YouTube right away.
    If his first video answer should not have satisfied your curiosity, most likely there will be 2, 20 or 50 other occasions where he talked about the topic in different lengths and detail. So just click on the next result in the list the search engine has prepared for you.

    If you happen to be a developer and should have an idea of how to make this fantastic tool even better, you can contact Shaun O’Neil directly at

    Otherwise don’t wait any longer. Give the engine a testdrive at

  • MBT Anthology

    Complementary to the original MBT book trilogy, this newly edited anthology will present all key MBT content in a systematically structured way that should make it easily accessible and valuable for beginners and experts alike. It will draw from a range of resources published by Tom in recent years, including video lectures, Fireside Chats, Forum Q&A, and responses given by Tom to questions posted in the YouTube comments section. This is a multi-year project, so bear with us!

    Frank Hoegemann is the mind behind this project.

  • MBT Country Sites

    Do you know people, who are asking themselves fundamental questions like:

    • What’s the nature of the reality?
    • What are we doing here!
    • Who are we?
    Well, we have some good news for you. Now you can provide your friends with a place to find good answers in an appealing and well-arranged form. Just point them to and get yourself some help explaining the many details of My Big TOE.

    However, this site has another purpose as well, here we go …

    Project aim
    The aim of this project is to create MBT introduction sites in various languages (preferable based on countries) and hopefully inspire people to further explore Tom’s reality model.

    If you haven’t already done so, just take a look at this site to get an idea of what an introduction site could look like. Note that this is a personal ambassador site, which with some customization could be easily converted to serve as an introduction site for your country.

    Other suggested content could be:
    • a contact list of local people to connect with
    • a digital community of some kind
    • information on local activities
    • a list with links to locally translated or subtitled MBT videos
    • other resources

    A customized Word template in English is available to use for the translation. The personal content on the demo site above is of course omitted from that package.

    Web administration
    Preferable these sites will be published on country domains, and administrated by volunteers in each country. It would be beneficial if the country domains are aligned and created on the same template.
    Like for instance: mybigtoe.xy /my-big-toe.xy, provided of course that the URL is still available in your country. This is something that the participants of the project will decide together.

    The web design is made in WordPress with Divi and a copy of the page can be provided.  The pictures are purchased from Shutterstock and can be reused for free according to current agreements.

    There is not much knowlegde required. You only need to be able to register a domain in your country and to copy the template content provided to you into a WordPress installation connected with that domain. Then all it needs is to translate the text into your local language.

    If you should happen to be a web designer and/or would like to do the translation – and want to join the project as the person responsible for your country site, you can contact Titti Nordieng at

  • MBT Merchandise

    Great news for those who would love to wear a brand-new MBT themed t-shirt, hoodie or baseball cap.
    The MBT Merchandise store (powered by Spreadshirt) is open for business. There are already several designs to choose from with more designs to follow.

    The advantage of using a company such as Spreadshirt is that the store is able to offer a selection of more than 102 different articles in more than 30 different colors in all sizes right out of the box. There are t-shirts, premium t-shirts, sweat shirts, tank tops, hoodies as well as kids & babies clothing and, of course, baseball caps and coffee mugs. You can even purchase an MBT themed dog bandana, backpack or sofa cushion if you so desire.

    Please note: 100% of all profits (after operating costs are met) resulting from sales in this store store will be 100% donated to CUSAC, Tom’s
    non-profit organization, to help finance the physics experiments.

    So now, with just one purchase, you can wear high quality clothing, spread the love Tom Campbell so eloquently explains in his trilogy “My Big TOE” and help get the experiments done all at the same time.
    If you have a particular design or quote you would like to see featured on the products available in this shop, please let us know, and we’ll do our part to help manifest it in the physical. 😉

    If you happen to be a designer and also want to be a contributor, to see your design become available for everybody interested in MBT, please do make contact with any of us. Spreadshirt requires a PNG, SVG, PSD or AI graphics file in an isolated (transparent) form sized max. 4000×4000 pixels. Ideally (but not required) working on different background colors. You will be mentioned with your name and URL here and in the store for your contribution, if you like.

    So in this spirit thanks to Jens Walter for providing these very straightforward designs

    And also thanks to Justin Snodgrass for contributing the following very inventive designs

    And of course thanks to Carly Bouwman of Vivo Fine Art & Design for giving us these very elaborate designs

    There is also a GoogleDoc available containing a long list of Tom Quotes should you wish to get some inspiration for the creation of a new design.

    But enough with the theory, start browsing through the shop at

  • MBT Questions & Answers

    Got any questions about MBT? Want to ask Tom a question?

    This is a website dedicated to sorting out the abundance of knowledge surrounding Tom Campbell’s MBT via the handy format of questions and answers. See for yourself:

    If you would like to volunteer transcribing some of Tom’s questions and answer sessions found on YouTube or support the project in any other way, please contact Lawrence at for details.

  • MBT Translators Support

    Translations of the My Big TOE Trilogy are in progress for (Brazilian) Portuguese, French, German and probably more languages. This project aims to support all the translators by offering an exchange about difficult to interpret parts of the book or answers provided by Tom to specific paragraphs to ideally avoid asking him redundant questions. We’ve also produced a package containing the book cover and the figures used in the books in a good resolution and an editable form.

    There is also a place in the MBT Wiki that has been created some time ago to support anybody planning to translate the trilogy. It contains some helpful information, but hasn’t been completed yet. It can be found here:

  • Mobile App

    The aim of this project is to create an app for Android as well as iOS that includes at least the following feature set for the user to enable him to

    • read the trilogy within the app (e.g. by making use of the free version on Google Books) including the options to
      • save bookmarks
      • list bookmarks
      • buttons for next page / prev page
      • zoom
    • view any of Tom’s videos available on YouTube
      • list all of his videos (available on his channel and other channels)
      • view them in full screen mode
      • ideally include the option to use the Elastic MBT Video Search engine
    • listen to MBT Podcasts
      • list all available podcasts
      • basic player UI (play, pause, stop, bookmark, seek bar)

    If you should happen to be a developer – maybe even with experience in developing mobile apps – and want to join the project, you can contact Stefan Svärd at

  • The Universe Is Virtual (Cartoon Book)

    The artist Alexander Marchand, who also wrote and drew “The Universe Is a Dream” (based on the book “A Course in Miracles”), accomplished the amazing feat to turn the 820 pages of the My Big TOE trilogy into a cartoon book.

    With the inspiration and help of Thomas Campbell, he made the content of MBT easier accessible for people, who might be deterred by a big tome like the trilogy represents. Of course it also works as a refresher if you don’t have the time to read MBT once again (although most people, who did read it more than once, considered it definitely worth it and strongly recommend doing so).

    Alexander Marchand not only published “The Universe Is Virtual” as a graphic novel, but also in the form of a Video/Audio Book, which might make it even more digestible for the non-book types.

    You can find out how to obtain the cartoon book in any available form by following this link:

    Or get a sneak preview of the content here:

    Or receive regular updates by visiting and liking this page on Facebook:

  • Video Time Stamp Tool

    A tool for volunteers to tag sections of videos that relate to certain topics.

    This is a huge project depending on the completion of the tagging tool, so please bear with us. Currently this project is in a phase where it needs developers, not tagging volunteers.

    The general idea in form of an alpha version can be seen here:

    If you want to see what’s already available code wise, you can check the following link to the respective repository on github:

    Should you happen to be a developer and interested in sharing your development resources with the team, the best would be to contact Justin directly at