Mobile App

The aim of this project is to create an app for Android as well as iOS that includes at least the following feature set for the user to enable him to

  • read the trilogy within the app (e.g. by making use of the free version on Google Books) including the options to
    • save bookmarks
    • list bookmarks
    • buttons for next page / prev page
    • zoom
  • view any of Tom’s videos available on YouTube
    • list all of his videos (available on his channel and other channels)
    • view them in full screen mode
    • ideally include the option to use the Elastic MBT Video Search engine
  • listen to MBT Podcasts
    • list all available podcasts
    • basic player UI (play, pause, stop, bookmark, seek bar)

If you should happen to be a developer Рmaybe even with experience in developing mobile apps Рand want to join the project, you can contact Stefan Svärd at